Specialist Carpet Cleaning Services

Advanced anti-microbial treatment

Do you want to ensure that your commercial or domestic property receives a thorough clean? Then Keep Clean can provide an advanced anti-microbial treatment for a wide range of properties. Our company use a selection of specialised products that have been approved by the NHS.

Our anti-microbial treatments will provide a lasting and On-Going and Active Protection against contamination from a wide range of bacteria.

Depending on the circumstances, environment and use, once your property has been treated with our anti-microbial treatments, the treatment has the potential to last for weeks, months, and sometimes years. Our anti-microbial treatments can be applied through a wide range of methods such as spray, foaming or fogging. All anti-microbial treatments provided by Keep Clean have been independently tested and have been accredited with a log kill of 6!

Specialist “GUM” removal treatment

Are you sick of those worn-in chewing gum stains? Have you tried getting rid of those stains with no luck?

Many property owners find that chewing gum is a consistent problem that does not go away easily. At Keep Clean, we have just the solution to get rid of those horrid chewing gum stains! We use a natural citrus based product alongside our deep cleaning service which will remove the gum easily. So if you are sick of that gum-stained carpet and want a quick solution- contact Keep Clean today!

Chewing gum carpet removal

Urine contamination and odour treatment

If left untreated, urine and other foul odours will make your environment unpleasant and will put visitors from visiting your property in the future.

At Keep Clean, we use a specialised treatment which will neutralise and remove stubborn urine odours from carpet, upholstery, and hard surfaces.

In addition to working wonders on carpet and upholstery, our Urine Contamination Treatment will control and remove urine odours from tile, concrete, wood floors and many more hard surfaces. It is an ideal product for use in the Nursing and Care Home industry.

Specialist in bonnet buffing carpet cleaning

Our bonnet buffing carpet cleaning service is an alternative to the deep clean system and can be used on light to medium soiled carpets.

If your carpet is regularly maintained, this cleaning system presents a range of advantages such as a quicker drying time (your carpets will be dry in less than 30 minutes). Another benefit of this method is that the equipment used is very quiet and can be used during working hours as it will not present any intrusion to your business.