Our Process

Moving your furniture 

We use specially made sliders to ensure that your furniture is moved safely without damaging both the carpet or the furniture.


 An industrial vacuum is used to remove all loose dry soil or dust in your carpet.

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Stain Removal

All spots and stains are treated with our tried and tested stain remover remedy.


A heavy duty pre-spray is used to break down any remaining dirt within the carpet


An industrial strength rotary machine is used to work in the pre-spray and loosen the dirt from the fibers of the carpet.


A hot water extraction machine is used to deep clean the carpet. When this is being done a deodorising and sanitising solution is used to kill any bacteria. This will eliminate any nasty odours.

Furniture Replaced

All of your furniture is returned to its original place. Foam blocks and plastic tabs are placed under the items to protect them from the carpet as it dries.