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Is your carpet looking tired and dirty? From muddy shoes to dirty paws and spilt drinks to embedded food, your carpet puts up with a lot. Over time, you may not even realise how discoloured your carpet has become. This where our carpet cleaners Oldham come to the rescue. We can use our professional carpet cleaning technology to bring commercial and domestic carpets back to their former glory. Call us today on 01706 411590.

What services do our carpet cleaners in Oldham offer?

Our carpet cleaners in Oldham are guaranteed to bring your carpet back to Carpet Cleaners Oldhamlife. Using their professional carpet cleaning technology, they can remove even the toughest stains.  Over time, the dust and dirt embedded in your carpet becomes a perfect breeding ground for germs. So in addition to reinvigorating your carpet, our Oldham carpet cleaners can do a fantastic job of sterilising all the bacteria that may have been sitting among your carpet fibres.  Read on to find out more information on our services

Domestic carpet cleaning

Our carpet cleaners Oldham have successfully cleaned hundreds of domestic carpets using our professional carpets cleaning technology. Our technology hasn’t just proven to be extremely effective in bringing back the colour of your carpet; it can successfully remove bad odours and persistent stains too.

But it’s not all about the machinery. Our carpet cleaners in Oldham have also been trained in applying the best processes to ensure the cleaning technology is effective as possible. You can find out more about our processes in the section below.


No commercial job is too big or too small for our Oldham carpet cleaners -we have cleaned the most abused restaurant carpets and reinvigorated carpets across multiple office floors.  Wool or manmade we have a store of cleaning products that we can apply to the carpet to remove the toughest of stains and the smelliest of odours.

Our carpet cleaners Oldham offer commercial establishments cleaning contracts and have previously worked with hospitality businesses, care homes and offices to provide regular effective carpet cleaning services tailored to their needs.


Some carpets need more than just a clean. For those who are concerned about the level of germs residing in their carpet, our specialist carpet cleaning in Oldham offer an advanced anti-microbial treatment that has even been approved by the NHS. It can provide a long lasting active protection against many different types of bacteria so you can be confident that the germ level in your carpet is kept to a minimum.

As an alternative to our deep clean carpet cleaning technology, our carpet cleaners Oldham provide a bonnet buffing service, which has proven to be extremely effective on carpets that are regularly maintained. If it’s just a spruce up you’re requiring, this quick and quieter method of cleaning can have your carpets back to their best and dry within 30 minutes.

Our Oldham carpet cleaners also possess effective solutions to worn in chewing gum.

How do our Oldham carpet cleaners renew your carpet?

Our carpet cleaners Oldham used well practised and proven processes to Carpet Cleaners Oldhamensure that they provide the very best cleaning service for your carpet.

At the start of every job, we remove all the furniture from the room to a location of your preference, so our deep clean system can reach every inch of carpet.

Once all the furniture has been removed, we’ll use our industrial vacuum cleaner to get right into the carpet fibres. It’ll be able to remove dust and dirt that a general household hoover won’t reach.

Our carpet cleaners in Oldham will then apply a tried and tested stain remover to all the persistent stains that have been lingering in your carpet for far too long. The formula will get to work right away.

After the stain remover has had a chance to do its magic, our Oldham carpet cleaners will apply our pre-spray, which works wonders as it breaks down all the dust and dirt that has coagulated in the depths of your carpet. To make sure our pre-spray reaches every single fibre, we’ll use our rotary machine to agitate the fabric.

The big reveal comes in the form of our hot water extraction machine, which sucks up all the loosened dirt and products that we have sprayed onto the carpet, leaving a fresh, clean track in its wake. As the machine moves over your carpet, it also applies a sanitising solution and deodoriser to ensure that no nasty germs or smells remain.

Once every stage in complete, our carpet cleaners Oldham will put your furniture back to its original layout, placing foam or plastic tabs underneath the feat to ensure the furniture doesn’t come into contact with your lovely clean carpet.

Why should you choose Keep Clean’s carpet cleaning service for your carpets?

We provide a professional service for a cost-effective price, making us one of the most competitive carpet cleaners Oldham has seen.  We’ll come and assess your carpet and then give you a price based on the square footage that you require cleaning, the fabric and the condition.

Every member of our team has been trained to provide the highest standards of carpet cleaning. In addition to ensuring that our staff are trained to meet our high standards, all of our services have been accredited by important associations that monitor the carpet cleaning industry including Woolsafe and TACCA.

Our carpet cleaners Oldham can also apply their proven practices to furniture, upholstery, leather and mattresses to completely bring them back to life.

When you choose Keep Clean as your carpet cleaners Oldham, you can benefit from our:

  • Professional service
  • Tried and tested methods
  • Honest advice
  • Specialist treatments

“Would highly recommend Keep Clean, did a great job”

 Emma Rathmill, Heywood


You can take a look at some of the before and after shots from our carpet cleaning technology on our online gallery.

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